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A walk down the memory lane: Prince William’s first royal outing with mum, Diana


In March 1991, Prince William made his first official engagement with his mother, Diana, on a visit to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales.

The trip was a significant moment for both Diana and William, as it marked the beginning of a new era.

William, meanwhile, was eight years old when he joined his parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana on a visit to Cardiff. In March 1991, on St David’s Day, the future King accompanied his parents to the Welsh capital.

While many youngsters his age may have found the prospect daunting, William charmed crowds with his impeccable manners and boyish smile – and he looked adorable in his mini suit. The public’s love for the young prince was evident during the Cardiff visit, as hundreds of people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the royal duo.

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The Prince’s parents were on hand to show him the ropes – practising his royal wave, shaking hands with public members during walkabouts, accepting flowers and cards, and meeting a range of new faces. The royals attended a service at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, after which William joined his mum at a ceremony at St. David’s Hall.

Diana gave a speech, praising Wales and Cardiff, and signed the guestbook before leaving. William followed suit, printing his name in his best handwriting – a practice he has done countless times since on official engagements.

Diana and William visited the cathedral before making their way to the University Hospital of Wales’ paediatric unit. The young prince displayed compassion in this situation by spending time conversing with sick children and their families.

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When William delivered a bouquet of flowers to a young girl called Nicole Mullen, it was one of the visit’s most memorable moments. Nicole, who was just two years old, was recovering in the hospital after having recently undergone surgery. The world was made aware of William’s thoughtful act, which also made him more popular with the British populace.

The royal couple’s final engagement of the day was a trip to the Welsh cultural festival Urdd National Eisteddfod. They witnessed traditional Welsh dance and singing here, and Prince William even gave Welsh poetry a shot. The people were captivated by the young prince’s attempts to speak Welsh and applauded him for his efforts.

As you reflect on this trip, it is easy to understand how it set the stage for the rest of Prince William’s public life. Diana had planned to take William on this trip because she wanted to introduce him to the world at a young age and emphasise the significance of his future role in British society.

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Diana’s efforts were not in vain, as we now know because William has developed into one of the most well-liked and respected members of the royal family. It is gratifying to look back and see the start of an incredible adventure. His early experiences on this trip to Cardiff undoubtedly influenced who he is today.

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