The Royal Family

Megxit saga over. Is the British Royal family ready to evolve now?

Royal Family

While long-term arrangements will take some time. The royal family wants final decisions to be reached “in the coming days.”

Queen Elizabeth on the behalf of the British Royal family said:

“My family and I fully support Harry and Meghan’s choice to begin a new life as a young family”. The extraordinary family meeting took place at the Queen’s country home, Sandringham. “Although we would have liked them to remain full-time working members of the royal family,” the queen said. “We need to respect their desire to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valued part of the family”.

There were many questions which were left unanswered after this personal statement was made. The main questions were:

  • Who would pay for the couple’s upkeep?
  • Whether the couple could achieve financial independence without commercializing the monarchy? 
  • Whether they will keep their royal titles or not?

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The queen acknowledged the complexity of the issues involved. She made clear she wanted the crisis settled soon. The statement came after one of the most-anticipated royal meetings in recent memory.

The queen asked her eldest son and heir, Prince Charles, and his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, to hash out the arrangement. This could set a precedent for future generations of royals in a more streamlined royal family.

By whatever label, the queen’s gathering was a major moment in the life of the royal family. Recent weeks were turbulent for the family at times. Royal watchers said Buckingham Palace was also trying to regain control of the narrative. The news coverage grew ever more toxic, particularly about tensions between Harry and William.

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The Queen’s decision to accept Harry and Meghan’s desire signals a monarchy willing to loosen its rigid rules. By adapting to Britain’s changing social and cultural landscape, the royal family is desperately trying to broaden its popular appeal.

So, for now, it is very much safe to say that the British Royal family is moving in the right direction. (Some of you might now agree to this). So to conclude, the British family is actually evolving now.