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Meghan Markle’s uplifting advice for all singles on Valentine’s Day


Meghan Markle, when she was single in 2015, shared some uplifting advice for “singletons” on Valentine’s Day.

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, shared her words of wisdom on The Tig.

In May 2022, she will celebrate her 4th marriage anniversary. In a blog post for her now-defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig, Meghan wrote: “I think you need to be your own Valentine. I think you need to cook that beautiful dinner even when it’s just you, wear your favourite outfit, buy yourself some flowers, and celebrate the self-love that often gets muddled when we focus on others.”

The former Suits star revealed her plans for the most romantic day of the year at the time, stating that she would be with her friends “running amok through the streets of New York,” drinking pink cocktails and navigating the icy streets in her new shoes.

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Meghan added of her accessories: “Those shoes, by the way, were my gift to myself. Because I’ve worked hard, because I’m not going to wait for someone to buy me the things I covet (nor do I want to), and because I want to treat myself as well as I treat those dearest to me. Because I am my own funny Valentine.”

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She finished her post by writing about the importance of self-love: “Whether you have a special someone, you’ll be with friends, or you’ll be flying solo this Saturday (or any other day for that matter), be good to yourself. Love yourself, treat yourself, honour yourself and celebrate yourself. Be your own beautiful, darling, cherished and funny Valentine. You deserve it.” How sweet!

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Meghan and Prince Harry usually spend Valentine’s Day privately, although last year was particularly special for the couple as they announced they were expecting their second child.

The announcement was accompanied by a gorgeous black-and-white photo of the pair, taken by photographer and friend Misan Harriman, showing Meghan with her head in Harry’s lap as she cradled her baby bump. The news echoed Princess Diana’s announcement of her pregnancy with Prince Harry, on Valentine’s Day back in 1984.

Harry and Meghan’s daughter Lilibet arrived on 4 June 2021 at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, with the Sussexes finally sharing the first image of their baby girl on their Christmas card photo.

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