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Why is everyone talking about Meghan Markle’s strapless Gold Gown at the Women of Vision Awards?


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has become a fashion icon whose choices garner widespread attention and admiration.

Recently, Meghan Markle’s appearance at the esteemed Women of Vision Awards got everyone buzzing about her striking strapless gold gown.

In the realm of fashion, certain outfits have the power to captivate the public’s attention and become the talk of the town. One such enigmatic presence was Meghan Markle’s strapless gold gown, worn at the prestigious Women of Vision Awards. The event sparked a frenzy of conversations, debates, and admiration, leaving everyone intrigued by the choice of attire.

Meghan Markle’s choice of the strapless gold gown served as a powerful symbol of confidence and empowerment. By defying expectations and showcasing her own unique style, she set an example for women around the world to embrace their individuality and celebrate their own sense of fashion. The gown became an emblem of self-assurance, encouraging others to express their authentic selves without fear of judgment.

Markle, who received the Ms Foundation’s Woman of Vision Award at the event in New York City Tuesday, turned the appearance into a family affair, attending the alongside her husband, Prince Harry, and mother Doria Ragland.

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The Duchess of Sussex opted for a gold, strapless midi gown for the occasion. Markle let the dress do the talking, opting for minimal accessories and wearing her long, dark brown locks wavy, and parted to one side. She paired the look with black strappy sandals.

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Harry, meanwhile, was dapper as ever in a black suit and white dress shirt, which he paired with a pale blue time. Markle’s mother was equally stunning, wearing a black long-sleeved dress and black slingback heels to match.

In addition to Markle, Black Voters Matter co-founder LaTosha Brown, Wanda Irving, co-founder of Dr Shalon’s Maternal Action Project, Kimberly Inez McGuire, executive director of URGE, abortion rights activist Olivia Julianna and LGBTQ+ advocate, Rebekah Bruesehoff, were all honoured at the annual celebration for the foundation, which marks its 50th anniversary this year.

In a statement shared prior to the event, Ms. Foundation president and CEO, Teresa C. Younger, said that honorees will be celebrated for “their many accomplishments and tireless work on behalf of gender and racial equity across the country and the world.”

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The gala marked a string of rare outings for the couple, who have stepped out at public events several times over the last month, including a star-studded dinner with Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow.

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