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The surprising reason why Meghan prefers oversized shoes


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is known for her impeccable style and fashion choices.

From elegant dresses to casual jeans, Meghan always manages to turn heads with her outfits.

Her trademark chic-with-a-quirky-twist looks have gone down a hit with fashion fans around the globe, and ‘the Meghan effect’ has led to mass sell-outs of her style picks. However, there’s one detail that even avid Meghan fans may be a little perplexed by – the Duchess is often spotted wearing shoes that appear too big for her. This is a trend that she has been following for quite some time and has been spotted wearing shoes that appear to be too big for her on several occasions.

Meghan Markle frequently dons oversize footwear for a variety of reasons. Initially, wearing shoes that are one size too big is a widespread practice among models and celebrities. This is done to stop their feet from swelling or developing blisters from standing or walking for extended periods of time. One can avoid having sore or uncomfortable feet by wearing shoes that are just a little bit larger than their real size. For someone like Meghan Markle, who frequently stands for extended amounts of time during public events and engagements, this is particularly crucial.

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Look closely at pictures of Meghan at official events and it’s easy to see her shoes often gape slightly around her feet. Memorably, the black high-heeled court shoes she wore for her debut at Royal Ascot appeared too large. However, there’s a simple reason behind this – comfort! 

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Meghan Markle debut at Royal Ascot

The second reason to wear shoes that are one size too big is to avoid any embarrassing shoe disasters. Very difficult to walk in and likely to result in a trip or stumble are high heels. Meghan can prevent any potential mishaps or outfit disasters by donning shoes that are just a little bit larger than their real size. This is particularly crucial for someone in her position because she is frequently in the media and any occurrence like this may easily make headlines.

In order to be more comfortable, Meghan Markle also wears shoes that are one size too big. A person may experience significant discomfort and calluses or blisters from wearing too-tight shoes. Meghan can make sure her feet have enough room to breathe and move about by putting on slightly larger shoes. This can be particularly crucial on lengthy flights or on occasions where she would likely have to stand for hours.

Last but not least, wearing shoes that are one size too big is a fashion choice made by Meghan Markle. Fashion trends frequently include deviating from convention and trying new ideas. Meghan is starting a new fashion trend by donning shoes that are a little bit larger than her true size. Her distinctive style has already attracted a great deal of interest and praise from fashion lovers all across the world.

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And if you’re wondering how Meghan manages to walk in heels that are too big for her, she has another trick up her sleeve. “Some stars have been known to stuff the toe with padding like cotton wool,” Rachel says. “And then it can be taken out if you feel you need a bit more room.”

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