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Meghan openly talks about Queen Elizabeth’s jewellery collection


Meghan Markle has only been photographed once wearing a piece of jewellery from Queen Elizabeth’s royal collection.

Meghan Markle admits she likes the jewellery from the Queen’s collection but it doesn’t suit her.

When the Duchess of Sussex tied the knot with Prince Harry, she was photographed with the Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau tiara. Meghan’s wedding was the first time that the beautiful headpiece was seen in public in the past 65 years. After her wedding, Prince Harry’s wife has not borrowed jewellery from the Queen’s collection. And contrary to rumours, she is not banned from doing so.

While speaking with The Royal UK, stylist Charlotte Balbier said that Markle may have not worn pieces from the royal collection simply because the designs don’t suit her taste. And since Kate Middleton may like the designs, this is the reason why she continuously borrows pieces from Her Majesty.

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As indicated by Balbier, Duchess Meghan and Catherine have altogether different preferences for jewellery. The Duchess of Cambridge prefers to wear coordinating sets and shaded stones. Her style is additionally traditional in comparison with Meghan.

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“Meghan is almost the complete opposite settling on fine pieces usually fragile and little. This means smaller is better. Modest bangles and little studs are Meghan’s signature look. Toning it down would be ideal,” she said.

Meanwhile, there were bits of gossip that the Queen restricted Meghan Markle from wearing jewellery from the royal collection after she guaranteed Prince William that Princess Diana’s accessories might be worn by his wife.

“The Queen is responsible for the royal collection, an enormous collection of the artefacts that the country and the Royal Family own. Remembered for that are some famous price of gems, a significant number of which were lent to Princess Diana,” The Sun’s Dan Wooton said.

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In related news, Middleton has likewise become a close acquaintance with the Queen’s senior dresser, Angela Kelly. So she could have simpler access to the jewellery collection. Her Majesty has likewise enabled the mother of three to borrow whichever accessory she fancies.

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