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5 Tricks Meghan Markle uses to look perfect in almost every photo

While her days of posing on the red carpet might be over, for now, Meghan Markle still photographed almost every time she’s out of the house.

In fact, there are currently more than 400 pages of Meghan Markle on Getty images.

Meghan Markle is an astonishingly beautiful and elegant woman with an impeccable sense of style. But her ability to look majestic in all pictures is probably one of their most marvellous features. It’s really hard to find even a couple of not so good looking pictures of her. We’ve learned that it’s not magic that makes her look perfect, but rather, some clever tricks.

So, without any doubt, she’s just the right person to study if you want to pick up a few photogenic tricks. The Royal UK carefully studied Meghan’s habits and found 5 features that will help you look good in every photo.

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1. Showing accessories

We really do not know whether Meghan Markle intentionally shows her gorgeous ring or not, but we think it’s fine if your accessory suits your image and you want to show it off. Your intention definitely won’t spoil a good picture.

2. Smiling

Unquestionably, Meghan’s smile is very much enchanting. It’s neither dull nor provoking. You can hardly find a photo where the Duchess of Sussex doesn’t look nice and friendly even though paparazzi follow her everywhere.

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3. Highlighting angles

You’ve probably noticed that actresses and models often slightly tilt the hip of their supporting leg and point the toes on the free leg to the floor directly in front of the supporting leg. It’s a great pose that makes your body look slimmer in front of a camera. You may also slightly bend and put together your knees to create nice accents. Meghan Markle has mastered these tricks and always looks natural.

4. Slightly tilting the head

When it comes to good photos, Meghan Markle knows what to do. We often see her slightly tilting her head in pictures. Try Meghan’s trick to find your perfect angle.

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5. The natural look

No matter what Meghan Markle does, whether she’s participating in an official meeting or spending time with her family, her makeup is always minimal and natural. Smooth tones, neutral lipstick, and some highlighter help her look natural, yet fascinating.

Do you use any of these royal tricks while posing in front of the camera? Let us in on your posing secrets in the comments!

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