Meghan Markle

Fashion expert explains why Meghan Markle used to wear bold colour for important royal events

Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is well-known for her bold fashion choices and her love for bright colours.

One colour that Meghan Markle seems to be particularly drawn to is a distinctive shade of blue.

This almost-turquoise colour has made a statement in many of Meghan’s memorable fashion moments, including her Safiyaa gown and her Victoria Beckham dress worn during her final appearance in the UK.

Colour expert Gabriella Winters exclusively spoke to The Royal UK about this unique shade of blue, which has an interesting history. It is called “Egyptian Blue,” named after the first-ever artificial pigment invented 5,000 years ago. This shade was considered important in ancient times and was often used in paintings. It was later found to emit luminescent infrared light, allowing experts to identify ancient Egyptian artworks.

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Although it’s unlikely that the modern pigments used in clothing emit infrared light, Gabrielle suggests that the blue could have been a secret beauty weapon of princesses of the past.

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Blue is known for its calming effect and has psychological benefits as well. Blue is the most popular colour in the world due to its calm nature, and it symbolizes peace, freedom, loyalty, and devotion to work.

In terms of Meghan’s fashion choices, Gabrielle explains that the Duchess’s love for bold blues could simply be because she loves the colour. Egyptian Blue ranges from light indigo to bright turquoise and tends to accentuate brown eyes, making it the perfect complement to Meghan’s complexion. These rich light blue tones symbolize integrity, honesty, and optimism, which Meghan embodies with authenticity and grace.

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Meghan Markle’s love for the shade of blue known as Egyptian Blue is not just a fashion statement, but also has historical and psychological significance. This colour is not only calming and harmonious, but it also symbolizes the noble qualities that Meghan embodies, making it a natural fit for her fashion choices.

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