Meghan Markle

Queen Elizabeth asked Meghan to lie about her age? Why it wasn’t the right thing to do?


How old is Meghan Markle? Don’t you think what we really should be asking is: why is that even important? How does this even matter? 

Well, you can get all your answers here. 

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So far, it has been no secret that there are some standards in the film and TV industry which are most terrible ones. Some of them are, sexual harassment, treatment of women, the gender pay gap is still an ongoing issue. And there’s also been a lot of talk about lack of diversity on-screen.

Meghan Markle might be getting married into the royalty, but she started out her career in Hollywood.

Former Suits actress has always been quite blunt and straight-talking when it comes to the issues of the world. The age factor in the media industry has also been on her radar for a long time now.

Meghan was asked to lie about her age.

Speaking in 2015, she described and explained how she was once advised to lie about her age. Why? Just to land up a role for herself that she wanted to go for. According to our research, Meghan said: “I think, as women actors, this industry can assume they have a shelf life. I’m always told, don’t say your age.

“I am 33 years old and I’m really comfortable with that. You know what I think? If anyone has a problem then it’s their problem, not mine. I think in television, you are seeing a shift of women who are not in their 20’s who play strong women”.

Meghan also explained how a director once requested that she buy him a cheesecake when auditioning for a job. 

She truly highlighted on how male film bosses can sometimes exert their positions of power over younger actors. Meghan said: “I had $20 in my bank account. There was this audition for this film and the director said, ‘You know I think you’re really something. But, if you want to get the part you should bring me some cheesecake'”.

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“And I was like, I’m sorry, what?. And, so I spent my last money on this cheesecake. Then also I didn’t get the part. There are these power-hungry people that take advantage when you are young and want it so badly”.