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Meghan recalls going incognito at a party with Harry & Eugenie before wedding


Meghan has opened up on some fun times she had with Prince Harry, Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank.

Before “it was out in the world,” referring to her relationship with the Duke of Sussex, Meghan recalled going incognito at a party for Halloween.

Meghan said she wanted to have “one fun night out in the town,” and as Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank came to Toronto before the Sussex wedding, they hid in plain sight at a Halloween party and enjoyed themselves thoroughly!

When host Ellen DeGeneres of The Ellen Show asked Meghan about the details of the party, she said that the theme was “post-apocalypse” which was why they could arrange “bizarre” costumes and have a memorable night out.

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Ellen also noted that people at the party might now be watching this on their television screens and wondering whether they had interacted with the four of them, to which Meghan laughed but recalled how they weren’t recognizable at all, and no one in the party could recognize them throughout the night!

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Speaking about Halloween, the Duchess even recalled having spent Halloween 2021 with her kids and Prince Harry at their home in California.

In other news, Meghan also revealed that Lilibet, their youngest kid has started teething! While being concerned, Meghan said that she would “do anything” to relieve Lilibet off the pain of teething, to which Ellen jokingly suggested she could try “tequila!”

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The Duchess of Sussex’s latest interview with Ellen DeGeneres for the latter’s final season is available on Youtube. It also marks her first-ever interview since the bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview with Prince Harry.

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