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Meghan Markle ‘Overwhelmed’ by royal etiquette — How Harry & The Queen are helping?


The world is ready, and so is Meghan Markle. The newest Royal bride is struggling to learn all the rules of being a royal and adapting herself as one of the royal brides. 

But, there is nothing to worry about. She has Queen Elizabeth and Duchess Kate who is helping her out.

No one knew being a member of the British monarchy would be so hard. Well, Meghan is learning firsthand. After she said ‘yes’ to Harry, the former Suits star’s world has now turned on to a new page of a totally new book. Thankfully, she has Harry and Queen Elizabeth by her side.

Mr Shaw, a palace insider said: “Meghan has been on this crazy fairy tale romance roller coaster since she met Harry. And it’s only just starting to sink in quite how different her life will be from now on”.

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Being an actress, she’s used to being in the public eye, but nothing can prepare you to suddenly become a member of the British royal family.

It’s not just limited to the fact that as a royal her every action will be scrutinized and analyzed. She also has to learn how to behave as much politely as possible. And has to learn and abide by the rules that are specific to the Royals.

Mr Shaw added:

“It’s stressful enough meeting your fiance’s huge family when he’s just a regular guy. So, now imagine what it’s like when they are titled royalty. Prince Harry is right there by her side obviously, and Kate has been an amazing source of support and knowledge. But, somehow, it’s still daunting”.

So, what are the rules Ms Meghan Markle needs to learn?

  • She has to learn how to address different people with their correct title.
  • How to interact with people, and at what level.
  • Since she’s becoming a member of the British crown, she has to learn the proper ways of how to eat or how to hold a cup.

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Being a royal is easy for Harry, as he was born into the family. But for Meghan, it’s like she has to relearn everything she knows in life. Queen Elizabeth has totally embraced Meghan and welcomed her into the family. In fact, Harry has reassured Meghan that it’s Okay if she gets some things wrong. Well, that’s how we learn things.