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Why Meghan and Harry moving to Canada would make sense to everyone?


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left everyone stunned when they announced they were “stepping back” from their role as senior members of the royal family.

Apparently, Harry did not inform the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William before confirming the news.

All the members of the royal family claimed to have found out via the news. The Sussexes said in an announcement on January 8 that they have arrived on this conclusion. 

After numerous long stretches of reflection and internal talks, we have decided to shift. “However, we will continue to fully support Her Majesty The Queen”. The couple would likewise be splitting their time between North America and the UK.

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The couple would have a solid encouraging group of people close by. This includes the likes of Meghan’s good companion Jessica Mulroney. Both of them are thought to have become friends in 2011 when Meghan moved to Canada. She even had a major influence on her wedding to Prince Harry. She helped her find the Givenchy outfit that Meghan wore on her big day.

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The updates on the couple’s plan to part split time between North America and the UK was met with – excitement by Canadians. Many Canadians took Twitter as the platform to greet the Sussexes wholeheartedly. There are many Canadian cities – Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver – that the Sussexes could use as their North American base that serve as amusement hubs.

Which will be very useful for Meghan if ever she chooses she needs to get back into the entertainment industry. Even the press has gotten acquainted with seeing those natural well-known faces all over the place.

Truly, Meghan, Harry and Archie moving to Canada would be news – yet most likely not for long. At least, not when huge blockbuster begins shooting (in which case, the Sussexes would be disregarded).

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Both of them have a habit of being low-key when in Canada. Initially, in their relationship to their recent six-week break over Christmas, they have been very much low key. The best part is that even the media have, so far, respected that. And given the fact that they were gushing over their festive trip to Greater Victoria earlier this week, it looks like the Sussexes have a lot of love, too, for the Great White North.