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“Exploring Meghan Markle’s first car: A glimpse into Meghan’s early days”


We love to see Meghan drive now but we’ve always wondered what was the first car she drove after passing her driving test.

Everyone remembers their first car and so does their favourite royal, Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle’s first vehicle was one such hand-me-down and fondly grounds her in remembering some of her young career struggles. It’s a stark contrast to the high-profile vehicles she’s spotted in today. Among the possessions that accompanied her during her early days was her beloved Ford Explorer Sport, a car that holds a special place in her heart as a symbol of her journey to royal life. It’s fair to say their motors were modest affairs, but read on to discover the first cars of the royals.

In the vast and competitive landscape of Hollywood, Meghan’s Ford Explorer was more than just a means of transportation; it was a reliable companion on her path to success. The Ford Explorer, known for its sturdy build and versatility, proved to be the perfect choice for a determined young woman on the rise. Its spacious interior provided ample room for her to transport her belongings to auditions and rehearsals, while its robust performance navigated the city’s busy streets with ease.

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In the late 90s, when Meghan was starting her acting career, the Ford Explorer had already earned its reputation as a popular choice among young professionals and families alike. Its combination of comfort, safety features, and style made it a sought-after vehicle for those seeking both functionality and aesthetics. As Meghan’s acting career began to gain traction, her Ford Explorer remained a constant presence in her life. It witnessed the highs and lows, the auditions and callbacks, and the moments of uncertainty and triumph. Like a steadfast friend, it offered reassurance and reliability, traits that would later define Meghan as she embraced her role as a Duchess.

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Beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Meghan’s Ford Explorer took her on countless adventures. Whether it was exploring nearby destinations or road trips with friends, the car became a vessel for creating memories and cherished moments. Little did she know that these experiences would shape her perspective on life, preparing her for a journey that would eventually lead her to royalty.

As Meghan’s life transformed through her work and humanitarian efforts, her Ford Explorer took a back seat to her ever-expanding world. However, the impact of her early days and the car that accompanied her were etched into her memories forever. It wasn’t necessarily Meghan’s first car, but before she was the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan’s mode of transport was a “beat up, hand-me-down Ford Explorer Sport” that sounded like a “steamboat engine”.

“The clicker wouldn’t open the front doors and I couldn’t afford to fix this car and this was how I got from one audition to the other,” she said at the Create & Cultivate conference in 2016. “So what I would start to do is literally go to these auditions, park at the back of the parking lot and I would open my trunk and crawl into the back of my car to the front seat to drive off to my next audition.” How things change!

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Though Meghan has now transitioned into the world of royalty and prestigious events, she remains grounded and true to the values she held dear during her early days.

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