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Meghan’s favourite: 5 books every Meghan Markle’s fan should read


Meghan Markle has many hobbies. She is known to be an avid cook, traveller and lifestyle blogger, and what not? 

Meghan Markle’s bookshelf is diverse, too. From poetry to cookbooks, there’s something for everyone.

Over the years Meghan Markle has not only suggested her individual favourites to fans, but she’s also contributed to numerous books herself. Before she was a royal, Markle wrote a composition for “The Game Changers,” a book which intended to provide “success mantras from inspirational women changing the game and influencing the world for betterment.”

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, shared many of her most-loved tomes on her now-defunct blog. Check them out—and learn why, in Meghan’s own words, each book is so special—right here.

The Royal UK has rounded up the 5 books you should definitely read if you’re a Meghan Markle fan.

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“The Four-Chambered Heart” by Anaïs Nin

The 1950 love story by Anaïs Nin is said to be stimulated by the author’s real-life relationship. She was with the guitarist and poet, Gonzalo Moré. Meghan Markle mentioned the novel in her guest editor letter for the September issue of British Vogue, where she said a quote from the book inspired the approach she took while working on the publication. 

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“Notes on a Nervous Planet” by Matt Haig

Markle also mentioned Matt Haig’s writing in her issue of British Vogue. In fact, she dedicated an entire page to his body-positivity poem, “A Note from the Beach,” from his anthology “Notes on a Nervous Planet”. “A personal favourite and the best reminder during the summer season… or any season, as a matter of fact,” Meghan Markle wrote in the magazine. 

“The Motivation Manifesto: 9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power” by Brendon Burchard

“The Motivation Manifesto” is a self-help book “for waking up your inner soul,” Markle penned on her now-defunct lifestyle website, “The Tig.” According to Meghan‘s Mirror, she told fans the book will help them be “the very best version of yourself.” “Annoyed by your self-doubt and distractions? The noise that keeps you from reaching your potential?” wrote Markle.

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“The Game Changers” by Samantha Brett and Steph Adams

In the book, published in 2016, Markle wrote about how serving in a soup kitchen as a teenager trained her the importance of putting others first — perhaps foreshadowing the generous work she does now as a royal. 

“Together, Our Community Cookbook”

Markle’s first solo royal project was her association with the charity cookbook, “Together,” which was published to raise money for the Grenfell Tower victims. “I immediately felt connected to this community kitchen; it is a place for women to laugh, grieve, cry and cook together,” Markle says in the book’s foreword.

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