Queen Elizabeth

Meghan Markle’s father officially blacklisted by Queen Elizabeth.


After staging paparazzi photos and giving two unauthorized television interviews, Her Majesty has taken a step forward and blacklisted Meghan’s father. 

Wondering if this was an extreme step the Queen took?

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According to some special reports, the 92-year-old reigning monarch is furious about Thomas Markle’s embarrassing pictures. And also for him talking out of turn.

And so, the Queen has shut him out of his daughter’s new royal life.

A Buckingham Palace insider has told us:-

“The Duchess of Sussex’s father has been declared ‘persona non-grata’ at the palace on special orders of Queen Elizabeth. She banned him after he humiliated the royal family”.

After Meghan married Prince Harry, Thomas assumed that the newlyweds would surely make some arrangements to visit him in Los Angeles. But, an insider says that the former Hollywood lighting director is hurt that it hasn’t happened yet.

In fact, Thomas Markle hasn’t even met his new son-in-law, Harry.

He was originally supposed to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding at St. George’s Chapel. But, a few days before the ceremony, he suffered a heart attack which kept him from attending his daughter’s nuptials.

Although, at that point, Meghan’s father was already on Queen’s bad side. However, Thomas continued bringing the controversy when he gave two television interviews.

One was to Good Morning Britain where he revealed some political talk he had with Prince Harry and another where he called out Queen Elizabeth for meeting President Trump before him.

Since giving the interviews, the Duchess of Sussex has given her dad the cold shoulder.

The new royal couple has also stayed silent when it comes to Samantha Markle. After the royal couple appeared at the Nelson Mandela Exhibition, Samantha started tweeting about Meghan being cold to their father.

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She wrote that Meghan should act like a woman and a humanitarian. She also said that she would hold the new Duchess responsible if there was anything to happen to their father. 

The insider also told us that Harry and Meghan are frustrated that Thomas keeps talking to the tabloids. Reports are that he will keep giving interviews until the royal couple speaks to him.

A good point: The Markle side of the family needs to follow the example of the Ragland’s grace and dignity.