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Throwback: Watch Meghan’s lovely reaction as she tries out the ‘crown’ filter on Instagram!


Meghan Markle won over the people of South Africa during her last tour in 2019 with Prince Harry and her son Archie.

The funny Instagram footage was captured during Meghan and Harry’s official tour in 2019.

Meghan Markle has legit so many crowns and tiaras at her disposal because she’s the Duchess of Sussex, but nothing will ever compare to the look of pure joy she had when someone put an Instagram crown filter on her when they tried taking a selfie together.

One fan found a way to capture the Duchess of Sussex wearing her very own ‘crown’! Footage shared online shows Meghan being shown an Instagram filter which provides her with her very own headdress.

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Meghan spoke with Nikiwe Dlova, the founder of Own Ur Crown, a company that runs a pop-up salon and crafts headpieces. When Nikiwe went to take a quick video with Meghan, Meghan noticed that her head instantly became surrounded by a vibrantly illustrated crown. When she started laughing and turned to look at Nikiwe, Meghan realized the filter matched the headpiece she was holding and looked amazed.

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And the former Suits actress couldn’t have been more delighted; the video shows the Duchess laughing as she sees her image on the screen, joking with members of the public before continuing on with her walkabout.

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It has been revealed that the royal couple went out of their way to make sure their son, Archie, felt at home during their stay in South Africa, with royal reporter Omid Scobie telling The HeirPod podcast, “Meghan and Harry brought all his home comforts with him, I hear there were a lot of toys there that they’d brought with him.

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