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How to make the Queen’s favourite cocktail?


How to Make a Gin and Dubonnet, the Queen’s favourite cocktail drink? Hint: It’s actually easier than you think.

The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, consumes up to cocktail drinks a day.

It would definitely put in her excess of the two to three drink recommended daily limits set by British and American health authorities. The 91-year-old Queen, Britain’s longest-serving monarch, was said to start her drinking before lunch with her favourite cocktail. It’s a gin and Dubonnet. Queen Elizabeth usually then have a glass of wine and martini with lunch and then have a glass of champagne before bed.

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It came into our limelight that Queen Elizabeth enjoys herself a little of gin in the early morning time, and ever since, we’ve had a hankering for not just any cocktail but for a royal cocktail. Thankfully, Her Majesty’s drink of selection is a foolproof classic: the Dubonnet cocktail.

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So how can you drink like British royalty within the comfort of your own palace home? first, you will need a bottle of Dubonnet Rouge, a Parisian aperitif made up of fortified wine, herbs, fruit zest and quinine. it is a cocktail staple and accessible at any liquor store, thus do not worry: you won’t have to go to Paris to find it.

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Then, add ice, two parts Dubonnet, one half dry gin—Gordon’s, if you wish it to be particularly British—and a slice of lemon to a cocktail shaker. provides it with a decent shake, strain into a cocktail glass, add a few more ice cubes and garnish with a lemon wedge or two.

There you have it: the queen of cocktails, ready to enjoy.

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