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How Harry’s daughter, Lilibet, can ‘help him heal’ from torment over mum Diana?


Meghan and Prince Harry’s daughter’s name is a tribute to her great-grandmother, the Queen, and late grandmother Diana.

Prince Harry’s daughter Lilibet will help him “heal” from the death of his mother Diana, his biographer claims.

Angela Levin believes the child, who has been given the middle name Diana, will help him overcome his torment.  Meghan Markle gave birth to Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor on June 4, 2021, in Santa Barbara, California.

Her name is a nod to the Queen’s affectionate nickname, while her middle name is a tribute to her late grandmother, who died in 1997. Ms Levin, who spent time with the duke for her book Harry: Conversations with the Prince, reckons he is still “tormented” by his final memories of his mum, the Express reports.

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She said: “The choice of names could be Harry’s way of reminding everyone that his daughter is a royal. “More than that, choosing the middle name Diana will be heaven for Harry because I believe it will help him heal. “Harry is still tormented by the last phone conversation he had with Diana prior to her death in August 1997.”

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On the day, Diana had phoned to speak to Harry and his brother Prince William at Balmoral. But Ms Levin said Harry was in the middle of a game with his cousins and having a “lovely time”. Writing in the Sun, she said he got her off the line quickly and she died the next day.

Harry has “never forgiven himself” and would have spoken to her for a long time if he had been aware it would be their last chat, she added. Back in 2017, on the ITV programme Our Mother Diana: Her Life and Legacy, the duke recalled the chat.

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Harry said: “If I’d known that that was the last time I was going to speak to my mother…the things I would have said to her.” A spokesperson for the couple said their three-year-old son Archie is “very happy to have a little sister”. 

Queen Elizabeth was also “delighted” by the news last year and this year the Sussexes were celebrating their daughter’s birthday in the UK(the Queen is also celebrating her platinum jubilee).

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