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Prince William on the ‘lifelong habit’ he learned from Diana and Prince Charles

Prince William

Prince William says that there is a ‘lifelong habit’ that he learned from his parents, Charles and Diana, and will remember it always.

Children learn from their parents  — and Prince William was no exception growing up.

While delivering a key speech in a public meeting, the Duke of Cambridge, paid tribute to his late mother Diana and father Prince Charles by talking about how they shaped him into the man he is today.

“I have three children [Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis] as you probably know; and when I first became a father, I began a process of thinking about the way I had been brought up, and the values that my parents had instilled in me,” William began.

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“As any parent will know, this process is not necessarily one that you undertake consciously —  you find that certain values and habits, ones that you didn’t know you had, start bubbling up to the surface,” Prince William continued. “Some of my earliest memories relate to times that my parents spoke to me or — even better — showed me what it meant to have both privilege and responsibilities.”

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In his speech, William recalled visiting a homeless shelter with his mother when he was young. At the time, Diana explained to her son why the people he met there mattered and “why no society can be healthy unless we take other people seriously.”

When it came to his father, the Duke admitted he learned how “central charity was to [Prince Charle’s] life” and how it served as a sense of purpose for the Queen’s son. William shared, “As a young child, I recall evening after evening my father’s diligence and compassion as he applied himself to answering thousands of letters and reading endless reports in order to stay on top of his ambition to do all he could to help the underprivileged.”

He further added by saying, “Without my realizing it, what my parents were doing was instilling in me and Harry a lifelong habit to put charity at the heart of our lives.”

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William noted that his father inherited that same habit from his parents — Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth. He said, “My family have not done this because it looks good – they do it because charity is not an optional extra in society. We believe that, above anything else, charities nurture, repair, build and sustain our society. Without the work that charities do, society would be an empty shell.”

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