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4 life changing lessons we can learn from Meghan and Harry


The decision by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, to step back from royal duties provided endless fodder for royal commentators.

But it’s not just them who had their eye on Harry and Meghan’s saga which the British media dubbed as ‘Megxit.’

Many relationship experts were watching closely too. I recently came across 4 life-changing lessons we can learn from the Megxit saga. Though the split offered many useful lessons. Here are the most important ones: 

1. Do not triangulate: There were much gossip and media coverage around Harry and Meghan. But the couple largely stayed out of it. “They are taking the high road”. In simple words, they were focused on the parties who were actually involved. They didn’t pay unnecessary attention to the media storm with leaks or comments, instead focused on themselves. 

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This laser-like focus is an approach I recommend for anyone involved in a negotiation. Keep your attention to those actively involved in the situation rather than wasting energy on futile storylines and opinions of others. 

2. Focus majorly on needs, not demands: The royal family were completely successful in avoiding this trap. “When the news broke out that Meghan and Harry were pulling back, the conversation could have been very damaging to everyone involved if it had only focused on positions.

How it could have been? It could have looked like, ‘We are pulling back’ vs. ‘No, you are not, and if you do, you will be punished'”. “Instead, conversations surrounded the needs of all the parties involved. Like, Harry and Meghan, privacy, freedom, autonomy, etc., for the royal family, pride, tradition, respect, honour, etc.” 

3. Negotiate in person: So what did the couple do less well? I was personally not very pleased to hear that Meghan skipped the crisis meeting. Obviously, there are times when you just can’t attend a negotiation in person, but if at all possible, show up. From a negotiation standpoint, it is always better to negotiate in person. Isn’t it?

4. Keep your optimism in check: Here, I’m also offering a mild criticism for Harry and Meghan’s initial optimism. The way they reached a more hybrid ‘half in half out’ deal led them to make their first press statement in a hurry. 

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“I was a bit surprised by how Harry and Meghan carried out the whole process. In negotiations, it is very important to not only consider what one is hoping to achieve but also consider the best and the worst-case scenarios.  We tend to minimize our worst-case scenarios so it is important to really look at them carefully and see if the risk of losing is worth the reward”.

Don’t you all think we could all learn a thing or two from Meghan and Harry?

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