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How many languages does Prince Harry speak?


Learning a foreign language isn’t a requirement. However, that hasn’t stopped some members of the monarchy from becoming fluent in multiple languages.

The Queen’s native tongue was flawless, her French wasn’t too shabby either and she knew many other languages.  

Her Majesty boasted an impressive title of Francophone, after learning to speak many languages at an early age. She was most likely taught it by her childhood tutor and governess, Marion Crawford. According to reports, Prince Charles and Prince William are the most impressive linguists in the royal family with knowledge of at leave five languages.

Prince Philip was also multilingual with fluency in English, French, and German. But, what about Prince Harry? Does the Duke of Sussex speak a foreign language like his father, brother, and grandfather? Some suggest Prince Harry does not speak a foreign language — at least not fluently — which is surprising given how many languages his brother and father know.

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That said, the Duke of Sussex knows some words and phrases and has delivered speeches and greeted leaders in their foreign language while abroad for royal engagements. Additionally, Prince Harry learned some French in school.

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While sitting in on a German class during his royal tour of New Zealand (while he was a working royal), Prince Harry revealed: “I learned French at school, but I’ve forgotten most of it.” He also noted how he wanted to learn Spanish, but his teacher discouraged it. “I wish I could speak German,” Prince Harry noted.

What foreign languages does Prince Harry know? The Duke of Sussex has delivered a speech in Arabic before. He does, however, appear to be interested in foreign languages and cultures. On his 2018 trip to New Zealand with Meghan Markle, the Duke of Sussex gave a speech in six different languages.

The audience was impressed to hear him use Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Niuean, Cook Islands Maori, and Maori – none of which he had spoken before. “I apologize if my accent wasn’t any good,” he said once the speech had finished. 

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Unlike her husband, Meghan Markle also knows Spanish. Her biography states that she learned the language while interning at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina during her college years.

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