Kate Middleton

How Kate Middleton handled her wardrobe malfunction at Princess Eugenie’s wedding like a pro?


Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding was indeed a stunning affair. It was filled with a beautiful gown and tons of celebrity attendees. In all, it was a lot of fun.

But, it also happened to be quite a windy affair. 

Don’t you agree? So much so that all the guests, who were invited at the wedding lost hats and struggled to walk as they made their way into St. George’s chapel.

Although, there was this one guest which got the maximum attention. 

One guest who seemed to have a hard time with the weather was the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate. She narrowly avoided a Marilyn Monroe moment.

It was when a gust of wind almost caused a wardrobe malfunction with her magenta Alexander McQueen dress. Whatever may it be, all we know is that she was looking as elegant as ever.

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However, the Duchess of Cambridge handled the wind quite easily.

In typical duchess fashion, Kate Middleton handled the situation like a total pro. And she may even be prepared for these type of mishaps.

The founder of Beaumont Etiquette, Myka Meier told The Royal UK:-

“Kate Middleton will often wear bodysuits or undergarments underneath her dresses. Those dresses that are prone to static and therefore make it harder for the fabric to fly up.

Couturier, Stewart Parvin also told The Royal UK:-

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“Her Majesty often has weights sewn into the hemlines of her skirts. While Parvin didn’t mention Kate Middleton using this hack herself, it’s possible that she may have learned it from The queen.

Whether or not the Duchess of Cambridge used a hack for her outfit, she managed to expertly avoid a malfunction. It was her quick reflexes that helped her and she had one of the most eye-catching looks of the day.