Kate Middleton

See the Princess of Wales, Kate’s edgy style before she was a royal.


Before the high-profiled coat dresses and royal tiaras, Kate was a typical girl embracing early 2000s fashion trends and style.

Have you ever imagined what was Kate Middleton’s style before becoming a royal?

JUNE 2005 – She was just cute and casual. The then Duchess of Cambridge used to rock a simple white spaghetti strap top and a black-braided belt with tight jeans.

white spaghetti strap top and a black-braided belt with tight jeans

AUGUST 2005- Kate Middleton goes the suede way! She accessorized her brown suede jacket and matching hat and purse with her favourite 12-year-old long boots.

NOVEMBER 2005 – Now the Princess of Wales used to dress up with different styled crop tops and jeans with a contrast-coloured blazer during shopping time with her mother, Carole and friends. After graduation, she began working at a women’s fashion retailer, ‘Jigsaw’ as an assistant buyer.

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MARCH 2006 – These were her go-to brown boots and a matching vest. Kate went to meet Prince William and her sister, Pippa on the sidelines of a soccer game, played at her Alma-mater, Eton College.

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Kate Middleton in February 2007.

JUNE 2006 – Kate Middleton went to cheer on her then-boyfriend, Prince William from the sidelines at a high-profile polo match in a striking red polka-dot wrap and cute dress.

FEBRUARY 2007 – Only the Princess of Wales was able to make a jean skirt look chic. Kate had her own ways with fashion and style. And so, only she could handle and mix-match them in a certain way which would look great when worn.

MAY 2008 – Kate has always loved lace, said Pippa in a candid interview. Her early love of laces was on display while she was posing for pictures with her sister, Pippa at a book launch in London, UK.

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JULY 2009 – A glamorous and glowing Catherine in her early 20s hit the sidewalks in skinny jeans and a striped red and white tank top.

SEPTEMBER 2010 – Catherine’s journey from roller-disco Queen to the royal bride is a must to watch over. There was also a time when the mom of two, sported a bright pink pair of roller skates and hot pants. So did you like her style?

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