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Duchess Kate is the ‘driving force’ behind Prince William’s success. How?


Duchess Kate is a vital force behind the success of Prince William and pushes him to “greater levels” of achievement.

The article talks about how the future Queen consort, Kate, is the protagonist behind Prince William’s success.

Explaining Kate’s impact on her husband, Mr Marwick (palm reader and royal expert) told The Royal UK: “She will push William towards more comprehensive levels of success as she has a strong personality, which at times may seem more authoritative.

She’s someone who acknowledges what she wants and has always had the talent to be a trustworthy person and this will continue. Seldomly, Kate can inhibit her emotions and be semi-detached in some social settings. Nevertheless, beneath this exterior, she is very caring and compassionate. Sometimes, she can be a little reserved and may hold back with her emotions.

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Despite all this, there is a different side to her, where she will also give a lot of herself to others. Mr Marwick was quick to point out that “she can be very disciplined and likes routine which could appear to be a little cold-hearted. This may be because at times she can be careful and may find it challenging to express herself.

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Kate may sometimes feel a little distant from society (because now she’s a royal and a future Queen consort as well) and because she gives out so much to others it will always be important for her to be able to detach and restore her energy.”

Mr Marwick’s work also mentions at a risk-taking the side to Kate’s personality. He stated: “Although she may hold back with some things in life, at other times Kate could take chances. Perhaps she enjoys a flutter on the horses with the Queen, who knows? But, don’t you think all this will be worth it one day? Personally, I think so, after all, she’s doing so much. 

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On a lighter note, like her partner, Prince William, she does enjoy escaping to remote locations. There has forever been a need for security in the duchess’ life, for example, having a good job, marriage and a family, that she can feel comfortable with and she has all these now. And now she enjoys escaping to remote hideaways with her husband and kids. They will both enjoy their privacy, and may often disappear from time to time from the public eye to their favourite retreats.

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