Prince William

Princess of Wales, Catherine, reveals William can speak these five languages.

Prince William

Prince William is the most impressive linguist in the royal family and allegedly knows at least five foreign languages.

Albeit not a requirement, learning a foreign language is easy for Prince William & common in the British royal family.

Even his kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are already learning more than one language. Just like his kids, Prince William started learning a foreign language at a very young age. This is because his father, Prince Charles, wanted him to be fluent in the Welsh language before becoming the Prince of Wales.

While some members of the royal family know one or two languages, the Duke of Cambridge speaks five (and possibly more). Which all languages does the Duke of Cambridge speak? Duchess Catherine revealed all this. Find out, below.

French: Quite a few members of the family, including Prince William, are fluent in French. Other members are Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince Edward, Princess Anne, and Prince Andrew all speak the language. 

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Swahili: While he is not very fluent, the duke also happens to know a little Swahili. The Duke of Cambridge, William, taught himself this language while he was still in his college. He even spoke Swahili while on a royal tour to Tanzania.

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Welsh: Learning to speak Welsh is a very important part of Prince William’s training for his future Prince of Wales position. In fact, he has been practising Welsh nearly all his life for the role. According to a 2003 report from BBC, William planned to spend around six months in Wales after graduating from St Andrews in Scotland.

He reportedly started learning Welsh at Eton in 1999, as Prince Charles was “anxious” for Prince William to become fluent in the language before crowning him Prince of Wales.

Gaelic: In addition to Welsh, Prince William can also speak some Gaelic. It’s still not clear whether or not the Duke of Cambridge is fluent in the language or if he is more familiar with the Scottish or Irish Gaelic (also called Irish).

Spanish: Duchess Catherine also claimed that Prince William also knows a little Spanish. Their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are also currently learning Spanish. If that’s the case, the future king knows six languages (including English).

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Prince William isn’t the only royal with knowledge of numerous foreign languages. His father, Prince Charles can also speak around four languages (French, Welsh, and Gaelic) and his grandfather, Prince Philip grew up in a family that spoke German, French, and English.

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