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Watch: Unseen video of Kate and sister Pippa as young bridesmaids in the 90s


Previously unseen footage has emerged showing Kate and her younger sister, Pippa, as bridesmaids at the wedding of their uncle, Gary Goldsmith.

The then nine-year-old future royal, Kate, and her siblings all played vital roles at the 1991 nuptials.

Duchess Kate’s younger brother, James Middleton, also appears as a page boy. The adorable home video shows the two sisters dressed in matching pastel pink bridesmaid dresses and floral headdresses as they celebrate the big family occasion.

Kate, referred to as ‘Katie’ in the footage, can be seen waving and smiling to the camera, and is clearly in her element as she poses next to bride Miranda Foote outside St Peter’s Church in Burnham, Buckinghamshire.

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Pippa, seven at the time, appears to be slightly less enthusiastic.

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At one point in the footage, Pippa can be seen pulling the floral headdress off her head – getting her hair caught up in the process. James, meanwhile, is on film chewing on his top hat while the family poses for photos with the newlyweds.

Gary has previously spoken to The Royal UK about his famous nieces and is clearly full of pride for Kate. “She is this confident, clever, caring girl who has taken her responsibilities in marriage and job incredibly seriously,” he said. “I think everyone thinks she is sincere, in love and doing her job to the best of her ability.”

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Carole Middleton’s younger brother also disclosed that despite being so close, Kate and Pippa are “different”. He said: “Kate works really hard at everything. She is brilliant at whatever she turns her hand to, but works at it, throwing herself into everything. Whereas Pip, everything seems to come very easily and she’s very much relaxed.”

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