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Kate reveals how her mum Carole is a tower of strength whenever William is away


Between her fashion sense and ability to be both royal as well as down-to-earth, Duchess Kate is a modern icon.

But even icons, like Kate, sometimes need to lean on their mums for help.

Carole Middleton and her husband Michael are proud parents not only to Duchess Catherine but also to daughter Pippa and son James, although Carole’s genes are most visible in her eldest child. Both Carole and Catherine share a love of the great outdoors, wellness and fitness – something that Carole’s brother, Gary Goldsmith, has mentioned on his personal blog.

What’s more, Duchess Kate depends on her mother for assistance even as a mum herself, with a royal source telling The Sun that after the birth of Prince Louis, the Middleton matriarch was popping in and out of the Kensington Palace, helping with George and Charlotte. Carole Middleton also helps her daughter whenever Prince William is away. 

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“Kate already has nanny Maria, who is wonderful, but Carole’s been an amazing second pair of hands,” the source explained.

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Mother and daughter have always had a good relationship, without any of those flare-ups that are typical in the teenage years, say those who know the Middletons. Their closeness only enhanced the day Kate came home and announced she was dating a Prince. “You can get quite consumed by a relationship when you are younger,” said Kate in her engagement interview.

When the relationship threatened to overwhelm her it was to Carole she turned for support since she was unable to confide in her friends like most girls. 

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Her husband and the future king, Prince William, knows how much she values her family and he is fond of them too. “William appreciates his in-laws’ home and lifestyle,” says royal author Penny Junor. “It’s so different from the way he was brought up and loves the fact that there aren’t loads of footmen and butlers everywhere. It’s a normal house, where everyone sits down to lunch together. And it’s a happy home.”

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