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Why Kate Middleton and Prince William broke-up before getting married?

It’s been several years since the world witnessed the wedding of the century when Prince William finally made Kate Middleton his royal bride.

But there was a time when we didn’t think William and Kate would make it to their wedding day, let alone their tenth anniversary.

Even for blue-blooded royals, the path to ‘TRUE LOVE’ doesn’t always run smoothly.

Kate Middleton and Prince William called off their relationship in 2007, four years after they began dating. The royal couple hit a rough patch and decided to part ways.

Enjoying their day out before marriage.


In late 2006, The Middletons invited William to celebrate New Year’s Eve with them. Kate’s family booked a house in the snowy Scotland countryside. At that time, Prince William had agreed to come but later changed his mind. This obviously did not sit well with Kate. Kate was not technically allowed to join The Royal Family festivities unless she and Prince William were married.

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After the new year, Prince William’s military commitments called him. He was expected to be stationed outside London and they spent significant amounts of time apart over the next few months. This kept the couple seeing from each other. By then Kate felt like she had less of a say in their relationship and their future. Also, Kate was growing increasingly uncomfortable with the aggressive paparazzi and media attention she was getting as his girlfriend.


Kate wasn’t sure herself about direction she would like to take. All she knew was if they ended up getting married, she would be required to submerge herself fully in royal life. This she thought would take some time and preparation. Prince William didn’t seem to be in any rush to head back to London at weekends.

Spending some quality time with each other.

Gradually he started spending a lot of time with the rest of his barracks, going out drinking and dancing. Then when he did make it back to London he went on one occasion. Prince William went out clubbing to “Boujis” with friends and flirted with another girl. This all caused a huge scandal which was in the papers the next day. Kate grew increasingly fed up, and felt his behavior was disrespectful.


The two then secretly reunited at a themed party in June 2010. That was held in Prince William’s barracks to celebrate the end of his training. It was during this holiday in Kenya that Prince William presented Kate with the same 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire ring. It was also worn by his late mother, Princess Diana. Prince William then asked Kate to marry him.

They only got married after things were fine between them.


“I didn’t really plan it that far in advance, I just knew I wanted it to feel comfortable where I did it. I wanted it to mean something, other than just the act of getting engaged”.

Now, we know them as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

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