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Kate Middleton has the cutest nickname for Princess Charlotte.

Kate Middleton

Much like the rest of parents, Kate Middleton has a cute little nickname for her second born, Princess Charlotte. 

You’ll love the nickname given to Princess Charlotte by her mother, Kate Middleton.

The British royal family keep on revealing that they are exceptionally skilled at giving nicknames. Meghan Markle evidently is classified “Tungsten” by her father-in-law, Prince Charles, and “flower” by her mom, Doria Ragland. What’s more, she calls her husband, Prince Harry “Haz,” . Furthermore, Prince William and Kate Middleton went by the nickname  “Wombat” and “Squeak,” respectively, when they were little.

At that point, Prince George revealed to a bystander that he goes by a clever name of “Archie,” driving us to think about whether Kate and William were spilling Riverdale in their extra time over at Kensington Palace. Now, we have this information on what the royal guardians call Princess Charlotte, on account of a walkabout during Middleton and Prince William’s outing to Northern Ireland.

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A blogger named Laura-Ann recounted the conversation with Middleton, who previously got some information about the lady’s young child who was in her arms—coincidentally also named George. At the point when the duchess asked about Laura-Ann’s other child (who is four), she says Kate Middleton answered, “Gracious, he’s the same age as Lottie!” Lottie! Isn’t that pretty much the cutest moniker you’ve ever heard?

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Lottie isn’t only endearing moniker given to the young royal by her parents. As indicated by People, during a sighting in Norfolk during the special seasons, Kate Middleton was caught conversing with Charlotte, who was perched on the floor of a store: “Get up, poppet!” the royal mom told to her little girl.

Both nicknames are incredibly British, which, duh. In any case, they are additionally just so typical, in that sweet way that most parents have little affectionate ways of addressing their children. Once in a while, it’s anything but difficult to overlook in all the pageantry and situation of royal commitment that the Cambridges and the Sussexes are families too.

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Here’s to Prince Archie and Princess Lottie! Presently, what do we think they call that little Prince Louis? We’re certain it will be something very much British and charming.