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Kate Middleton’s reaction to this little girl touching her hair is absolutely priceless

Kate Middleton

The royal family, including Kate Middleton, like the rest of the nation, are spending more time at home than ever.

This means less news about Duchess Kate and other royals.

But how can we disappoint our loyal royal fans? So we are taking this opportunity and taking a look back at a major throwback event that happened last year in 2019. Kate Middleton took a trip to Dundee, Scotland in 2019.

There she completed some royal commitments as well as taking out some free time to meet with fans who stood for hours awaiting the duchesses arrival. Among those fans, was a little girl who couldn’t help but grab hold of the royal’s signature styled locks.

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Touching her hair while smiling at the royal, Duchess Kate actually burst into laughter as the pair exchanged a couple of words. We all can observe in the below picture that the little girl was completely in awe of Kate’s hair.

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In fairness, we’d be the same, it’s just always so sleek. And Kate’s signature blow-dry is one she’s actually known for. Royal wedding hairstylist, Richard Ward, told The Royal UK that it’s all about drying on a low speed and twirling the hair when removing the curlers.

But aside from the ‘do, at that time Duchess Kate also gave an update on Prince Louis who was just 9 months old (in 2019) while in Scotland. According to People, Kate said that her nine-month-old son was ” a fast crawler” and she then went on to chat about how she was looking forward to bringing her children to visit the new museum.

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Post that royal engagement and post COVID-19 we all have seen a lot of pictures of Prince Louis! We hope that in the near future we will get to see more and more family photographs with Prince Louis in it.

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