Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton and her family in deep loss and crisis

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton even before marrying Prince William belonged to the well-off family and her family was amongst the riches. 

However, it seems like the fortunes of Kate Middleton’s family have changed.

Her family’s business has ditched half its employees to align with its financial targets. Owned by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, Party Pieces has been forced to cut its staff. According to many latest reports emerging from various tabloids, Mrs Middleton opened the business in the year 1987. The tabloids also report that the business sells around 7,000 items online.

However, a source told The Royal UK that some workers were chopped.

The insider said: “There is a terrible air of doom and gloom around the place right now”. The royal mother of three, Kate Middleton used to work part-time for the party supplies business. Her sister, Pippa and brother, James also held positions.

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Reports suggest that a web designer, PR agent and search engine optimisation expert were among those given the boot. The new job losses come after about three warehouse staff saw their contracts being terminated. It is quite a difficult time for the Middleton family right now.

A Party Pieces spokesperson gave a statement regarding the situation.

He said: “It was like working on an exciting development partnership. The company’s structure is being reviewed and it is being looked after to align with its financial targets. That is, of course, in consultation with the staff”.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate is estimated to have been worth £5.3 million before she joined the British royal family. Kate was born in 1982 and attended public schools such as Downe House and Wiltshire’s Marlborough College. That roughly cost the family around £36,000 a year.

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Some outlets have claimed that Party Pieces is worth around £30 million or maybe more. Much of Kate’s net worth came about from her family’s business. And she worked for them up until just months before her royal wedding in 2011.