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Why Kate Middleton doesn’t take her coat off whenever she wears it?


We all have noticed Kate Middleton and her style. She and her style have always been an inspiration to every woman. But have you really noticed this one thing about her?

Have you ever seen the Duchess of Cambridge, taking off her coat while in an engagement?

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Well, the answer to it would be a big no. She has never taken off her coat in the public or on any royal event. Ever wondered why? This too has a logic and a reason behind it.

Recently, the Duke of Cambridge, William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate paid a visit to Norway’s royal family.

There Prince William and Kate Middleton had a private and lavish lunch with Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit. However, the media outlets were focusing on why Kate Middleton kept her coat on during the meal. 

According to one of the royal traditions, a woman of the royal household should wear a coat when in public.  But what if she doesn’t wear it? What happens then? Well, it isn’t a crime if you do not wear a coat but that female member would indeed be deemed ‘unladylike’.

Now, about the other royal style rules? It includes no bright coloured nail polish or messy hair.

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It’s pretty obvious that this isn’t the only fashion rule that the female royals have to follow. Clutches are an essential part that Kate Middleton carries with her so that she can hold her bag in front of her while shaking hands with people so it does not look awkward. The other one is about applying a certain shade of nail polish which should not be so glittery but a subtle or a nude one.