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Here’s a sneak peek into Kate Middleton’s close bond with Prince Philip


Kate Middleton was usually spotted chatting and laughing with her husband’s grandfather, Prince Philip, and the two royals reportedly shared a similar sense of humour.

One royal who experienced a special connection with Prince Philip was Kate Middleton.

Duchess Kate and Duke of Edinburgh, Philip, frequently stood next to each other when the royals assembled on the Buckingham Palace balcony for Trooping of the Colour and other engagements. They could be seen exchanging jokes on several occasions. Kate Middleton also completed the Duke of Edinburgh Award during her time at Marlborough College. This was many years before she married Prince William and became Prince Philip’s grandaughter-in-law.

During an ITV special in 2016, When Phillip met Prince Philip: 60 Years of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Kate was seen meeting Team GB at a Buckingham Palace reception. She said: ‘I started my Duke of Edinburgh’s Award while I was at Marlborough College, completing my Bronze before getting my Gold Award while I was in the sixth form. The event was hosted by Phillip Schofield.

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She further quoted “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is such an excellent way for young people to grow in confidence. They get to learn new skills, work as a team and have great fun along the way. While getting my Gold Award was challenging at times, it is one of my most memorable experiences from growing up, and I could not recommend it more highly.’

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Royal expert Ingrid Seward, who met Philip several times, has previously said: “It is known Prince Philip likes her”. “Both royals tend to be supporters of protocol at public events but Philip’s animated chat could have put them firmly on the naughty step”.

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Work-wise, Kate accompanied Philip and the Queen for a day of royal engagements in Leicester back in 2012. The trio went to the city on the Royal Train, which means they spent the evening before together. Kate and Philip seemed to be enjoying each others company, chatting and joking throughout. The Duchess told one well-wisher “I’m being well looked after”.

The two royals took a similar approach to their place within the royal family, ensuring they don’t overshadow others.

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