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How Kate Middleton plans to change ‘outdated royal rules’ once she’s Queen?


It seems like Kate Middleton might already be thinking about what she wants to do when she’ll become Queen.

Kate wants to change the outdated family rules which means major updates to the monarchy could be on the way.

According to what a source alleging to be close to the monarchy tells Us Weekly, Kate Middleton recently has been paying personal attention to preparing herself for her upcoming role. The family is pleased with the way she’s already embracing it.

“Kate has prospered into a queen in waiting in front of everyone’s eyes,” the insider said. “The royal family could not be more delighted.” Evidently, one of Kate’s preferences will be to bring the royal family into the future, and that includes changing “outdated royal rules.” “She’s also been very present on social media and has gotten comfortable doing TV interviews and virtual chats. She’s interested to continue that in the future as well,” the source told the news outlet.

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But above all, her children come firstFamily means everything to Duchess Kate. One of her most significant concerns about the future could be not being there for George, Charlotte and Louis. That’s not at all shocking to us in the least, considering what an engaged mom Kate has been over the years.

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Her three children have perpetually been the top priority for Kate (and for Will, too). We don’t expect to see that changing, even when her duties as Queen Consort do finally kick in — despite the fact that the kids could be adults by then.

For someone who arrived into the royal family as an outsider, Kate has done exceptionally well. And not only that, but she appears to genuinely like her work, notably when she gets to connect with children and fellow mothers. She has the passion behind her work that truly makes her link to people, and that’s what’s made her success so far.

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It will be so much fun to see what the future holds for Kate. For now, though, she maintains to do a perfect job as a duchess (and as a mom). She and William make a lovely great team, We have a notion that they will only be more powerful together when he eventually becomes king. He’s lucky to have her by his side when it’s his turn to reign!

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