Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has impressed Queen Elizabeth with her skills behind the camera

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is the latest royal to make clever use of photography and she’s using her skills as soft power.

Kate Middleton is no stranger to good photography!

In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge is so good behind the lens; Queen Elizabeth and her personal photographer admit that she has what it takes to produce great quality photos on her own.

“I was quite taken aback by her knowledge of photography,” royal photographer Hugo Rittson Thomas told People magazine about his initial encounter with Kate during a 2012 photo session of Prince William. “She asked a lot of technical questions about what I was doing and the set-up — she almost caught me out a few times actually.”

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Duchess Catherine’s talents from behind the lens have been shared with royal spectators around the world. Earlier in 2016, Kate marked Princess Charlotte’s first birthday with a series of portraits snapped on her very own camera. The doting mom also stepped behind the lens to celebrate Prince George’s birthday, and more famously, the shot of Prince George holding his little sister Charlotte after her birth.

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When it comes to the photos of her children taken by Kate, the Queen, her personal photographer Hugo and even the royal fans couldn’t help but admire the royal shutterbug’s work. “I thought they were wonderful pictures,” Hugo said. “Beautifully shot. She captured the joy, happiness and youth of her children which is a wonderful thing and sometimes hard to do as a parent.”

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Queen Elizabeth is also known to be a good photographer herself. She has clicked many iconic pictures over the years. Her personal photographer, Hugo, is one of the most respected portrait royal photographers. He released a book that features 42 portraits of Queen Elizabeth and other members of the royal household and has been in the works for the last decade.

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