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Kate on mental health: ‘Young people need to know they can ask for help’


Kate Middleton has urged members of the public to focus on the topic of mental health. She added that it is the nation’s children, precise, who need to be cared for.

Releasing a statement via the Palace, Kate started off by praising people for their openness to talk about mental health, compared to previous times.

“I have been heartened to see that so much progress has been made in ending the taboo of adults openly treating mental wellbeing as the health issue it is,” she wrote. The Duchess further added: “I believe that our generation of parents, carers, teachers, and health workers now have the chance to give the mental health of our children the focus it requires.”

Kate, who is a patron of various children’s charities including Place2Be, stated that youngsters shouldn’t be frightened to ask for help and that early intervention was key in solving later problems in life.

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“I feel strongly that young people and parents need to know that they can ask for help,” she wrote. “Just as with physical health, we need to act early to provide support when a child is faced with emotional difficulties.

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“This is a discussion that William and I hope to play a part in during the months and years to come. We welcome all work to highlight this important issue for the benefit of all our young people.”

Kate was making the statement to mark the Time to Mind campaign – a project set up by The Times that calls on greater investment in child mental health services and in particular early intervention.

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Kate spoke about how she and William had witnessed children struggling to cope with the impact of issues such as bullying, bereavement, family breakdown and more, which for some young people can lead to depression, anxiety, addiction and self-harm if they don’t get appropriate support.

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