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Kate hopes her children never pick up William’s dangerous hobby


Prince William has a hobby that scares most of the members of the royal family, especially his wife, Duchess Kate.

Duchess Kate revealed that she hopes her children don’t go after William’s hobby.

Most royal fans believe that Prince Harry is a more adventurous royal brother because Prince William is an introvert. But the second in line to the British throne does have a streak in him which can be seen in his favourite hobby. However, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge considers that hobby dangerous and that hobby is motorcycling.

The future king has been a fan of riding bikes for many years. He once owned a Ducati 1199, with a top speed of 177 mph. In 2008, William and Prince Harry participated in a motorcycle rally across South Africa to raise money.

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The Duchess of Cambridge earlier accepted that she is “filled with horror” every time he’s on a bike. It’s something she hopes her children don’t ever start doing. She said, “It fills me with horror when he goes out on it‎”. I’m always terrified. Hopefully, I can keep George off it,” Kate was quoted saying after the birth of her first son, Prince George.

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Prince William’s love for bikes has also scared Queen Elizabeth II: A documentary named Chasing the Royals was made in which Queen Elizabeth, didn’t approve of the hobby either. She also just like Kate, thinks of it as a dangerous hobby. “I think it frightens the life out of people at Buckingham Palace and almost certainly, the queen too,” royal photographer James Whitaker said.

“I don’t know what it is about bikes, but I’ve always had a desire for motorbikes ever since I was very small,” the prince explained. “I used to do a lot of go-karting when I was younger. It does help to be anonymous with my motorcycle helmet on because it does enable me to relax. So does William still go motorcycling these days?

In 2017, it was reported that the prince doesn’t ride much anymore now that he is a father of three. Superbike champion Jonathan Rea said that he spoke to the duke about that. “We talked about his bikes and the fact that he has put it on the back-burner a little bit because of his children now,” the racer said via Hello! Magazine.

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One of the last times Prince William was photographed on a motorcycle was in 2018 when he visited the Triumph Motorcycles and MIRA Technology Park. The fact that he eased up has to be a relief for the duchess as it won’t be something Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis see their dad doing all the time.

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