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Royal pupil: Catherine being groomed for her future role at request of Prince William


Catherine is being nurtured for her future roles by members of the family on the workings of Britain’s national institutions.

Nearly 12 years after her marriage, Catherine is being gradually introduced to her future role as the Queen and consort.

In marked contrast to the experience of Diana, Princess of Wales, who complained of being thrown into a life of royal duty with no advice at all, the Princess of Wales will be given a series of private briefings by the King and other staff members.

Prince William’s late mother told friends that no thought had been given to her future role when she married Prince Charles and that Palace staff “basically thought I could adapt to being Princess of Wales overnight”.

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While announcing his engagement in November 2010, the Prince of Wales, William insisted that Catherine Middleton would be given support as she would gradually be introduced to the unique demands placed on members of the royal family.

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A royal source told the Daily Telegraph: “Princess of Wales, Catherine is being briefed on how the State works, getting to know our national institutions better and learning more about the arts, the media and the government. “It is a process that will carry on for several months but is being done privately.

During the couple’s first interview together (also in 2010), William said one of the main reasons why he waited seven years before proposing was out of a desire “to learn lessons from the past”.

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It was a clear indication that Prince William was determined that his going-to-be wife, Catherine, should not feel isolated, in the way that his mother was. The late Queen, Elizabeth and the new King, Charles III, have made many efforts too to make sure the monarchy is in safe hands in the future.

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