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Kate reveals her mum Carole Middleton has a secret crush on Roger Federer


Kate has shared an interesting revelation about her mother Carole, who apparently has a secret admiration for tennis star Roger Federer.

This revelation came as a surprise to many as Carole Middleton is known for being a private person.

According to Kate, Carole has been following Federer’s career for a long time and is impressed by his on-court skills. However, Carole has never had the chance to meet Federer in person. Kate also added that her mother would be thrilled if she ever gets to meet him in the future.

The Swiss pro, Federer, is a friend of the Middleton family, and he and his wife, Mirka, were guests of honour at Pippa Middleton’s wedding to James Matthews last month. This revelation about Carole’s secret admiration for Federer is not the only interesting anecdote that Kate shared in the interview. She also revealed an embarrassing incident involving her father, Michael Middleton, and tennis player Tim Henman.

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Kate also spoke about her own love of tennis and how it was a big part of her childhood. She mentioned that Wimbledon was a “quintessential part of the English summer” and that it inspired her to get involved in the game when she was younger. She also shared that her favourite tennis stars to watch as a youngster were Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Goran Ivanisevic, and Steffi Graf. Kate also revealed that before she joined the royal family, she would queue up for hours to attend the tournament.

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In 2013, when she was pregnant with Prince George, Kate had to skip the men’s singles final match due to her doctor’s advice and had to write to Andy Murray, apologizing for not being there to watch the match. Kate also mentioned that every time Wimbledon is on, she thinks of getting out the racket and playing, but sadly, she never had the same results. Despite this, Kate remains a big fan of the tournament and has attended Wimbledon regularly with her husband, Prince William.

Kate also discussed her role as the patron of the All England Lawn Tennis Club, a patronage she took over from the Queen last year. She is set to attend Wimbledon on Monday, which will be her first time attending in this role. Kate also talked about the importance of inspiring young people to get involved in the game of tennis and how Wimbledon can serve as a source of inspiration for them. She mentioned that the tournament hasn’t changed and that’s what makes it so wonderful, it continues to inspire people of all ages.

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In conclusion, Kate’s interview provided an interesting insight into her personal life and her love for the game of tennis. She also shared an intriguing revelation about her mother’s secret admiration for Roger Federer and emphasized the importance of sports in the overall development of young people. Additionally, she praised the role of the All England Lawn Tennis Club in promoting the game of tennis and encouraging young people to take up the sport.

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