Prince Philip

Inside the private life of the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip.


The Duke of Edinburgh, Philip died at the age of 99. All his life, he’s been there for his beloved wife, Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Philip is indeed a man of honour. He sacrificed his life for her.  

The love affair and the strong bond between Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten and Elizabeth Windsor stretch back more than 7 decades. It started in 1939 when they first met as teenagers and became good friends. Let’s unravel the highlights of Prince Philip’s career?

In the year, 1972: Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. They marked the special occasion with their children Prince Charles, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew, and Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace.

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In the year, 1983: The Queen was accompanied by Prince Philip to India in 1961, 1983 and 1997. They toured Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata in 1961, and returned in 1983 for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Also with the Queen, there were Peter Phillips, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana at the Trooping the Colour ceremony in London.

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In the year, 1997: Prince Philip, Prince William, Earl Spencer the younger brother of Princess Diana, Prince Harry, and Prince Charles followed the coffin of Princess Diana at her funeral. This funeral was the most-watched funeral in the world.

In the year, 2002: Prince Edward, Princess Anne, and Prince Philip in front of Prince Harry, Peter Phillips, Tim Laurence, the second husband of Princess Anne, and Prince Charles headed to church service on Christmas Day at Sandringham Palace.

In the same year, Prince Philip’s mother in law and the Queen’s mother, Queen Elizabeth, passed away after being the second-longest royal family member by lifespan.

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In the year, 2011: Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry were waiting for the Duke of Cambridge, William and his royal bride, Kate arrive on the balcony of Buckingham Palace following their wedding ceremony. Prince Philip was also present at Prince Harry’s wedding in 2018 despite going surgery a month before the marriage.

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