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Here’s how you can wish Queen Elizabeth on her birthday?

Queen Elizabeth

It’s Queen Elizabeth’s 93rd birthday today. The world wants to wish her as much as they can. The Queen has been the most powerful monarch on this planet so far. 

Well, we can help those who want their wishes to be reached to Queen Elizabeth this time.

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Queen Elizabeth is turning up 93, and on this occasion, the world remembers her and her days of reign. Every year around this time, the place outside the Buckingham Place is filled with flag-waving, Union Jack-clad merrymakers. All gather up to catch a glimpse of the Royal Family as they stand on the balcony for the Queen’s birthday.

Her Majesty will celebrate her birthday lavishly.

Singers Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue and Shaggy will be among those who will entertain Her Majesty and her family at the concert, known as ‘The Queen’s Birthday Party’ at London’s Albert Hall.

This particular event is a break in tradition for the Queen. Why? As she usually spends her birthday privately with just a little public celebration. Although, there were nationwide events and celebrations to mark her 90th birthday.

The concert comes at the end of a week, that is on Sunday. There, leaders and dignitaries from 53 countries will join Queen Elizabeth and her family. 

Queen Elizabeth will duly follow her tradition. 

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This is an old royal tradition with monarch’s birthday, soldiers from the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery and the Honourable Artillery Company will fire gun salutes from London’s Hyde Park and the Tower of London.

And about the wishes part as stated earlier? Well, message us your wishes or comment on our Facebook page The Royal UK and we will make sure to convey it to Her Majesty.

Or directly message her on Facebook account. 

Wishing Queen Elizabeth a very Happy Birthday. Long live the Queen.