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How tall are the British royal ladies?


How does your favourite royal measure up in the height department or simply how tall is your favourite royal lady?

When we’re talking about how tall they’re, we’re not just talking feet and inches but heel height too.

Is there anything that we don’t want to know about the British royal family? We’d like to know perhaps everything about them. Fortunately, we know how tall each member of the royal family is. Keep reading to learn about their heights.

Whether it’s flats, boots, kitten heels, wedges or stilettos, see how the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge, Duchess of Sussex, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and Queen Elizabeth II fare when put to The Royal UK’s exclusive heel-metre?

The Queen: She is 5ft 4in, making her not very tall in royal circles but just above average nationwide. Despite being much shorter than her husband (Prince Philip, in contrast, is actually 6ft), the Queen rarely wears high heels.

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Princess Diana: Diana was famously 5ft 10in, the same height as Prince Charles. High heels weren’t much in fashion back in the 80s and 90s so her choice of heel tended to below, at the most two inches.

The Duchess of Cambridge: Kate Middleton’s heel height of preference tends to be about 3.5 inches. Kate measures 5ft 9in so, in her favourite Rupert Sanderson heels, she’s often just over 6ft; Prince William is 6ft 2in.

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Meghan Markle: We all know Meghan loves her high heels – and she likes them really high! A big fan of the Italian shoe brand Aquazzura, most of the royal’s heels are from 3½ inches to 4.5½ in height. At 5ft 6, Meghan is shorter than her husband Prince Harry, who’s 6ft 1.  

Princess Anne: She isn’t a very big fan of high heels. She prefers boots, wearing them off-duty and sometimes on-duty too. Anne is 5ft 6in and it’s rare you’ll find her wearing anything higher than a one-inch block heel.

The Countess of Wessex: The Countess of Wessex is 5ft 5in. She opts for around three inches but prefers a wedge heel to stilettos, for added comfort. 

Zara Tindall: She’s 5ft 6in but she loves to wear heels only for formal events, though!

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Sarah Ferguson: She’s is indeed tall by royal standards, at 5ft 8in, but she doesn’t shy away from adding a few more inches with her shoes. You’ll often find her in a pair of stylish three-inch stilettos, bringing her height up to 5ft 11in.

Princess Beatrice: Height-wise, Princess Beatrice takes after her grandmother and is 5ft 4in. Occasionally she likes to wear heels. Her current favourites? The Jimmy Choo Romy suede shoes. 

Princess Eugenie: Princess Eugenie is 5ft 5in and likes to supplement her height with a heel. She isn’t afraid to go too high, often stepping out in up to four extra inches.

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