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How Queen mother played a very important role in Prince Charles’ life according Queen Elizabeth?


Queen Elizabeth revealed her son, Prince Charles’, close bond with his grandmother, Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

She said “Queen mother was, quite simply, the most magical grandmother for Prince Charles.

During the televised message in the year 2002, which was broadcast around the UK, the future king fought back tears after the death of his beloved “Granny”. Queen Elizabeth also took the opportunity to say “their bond grew stronger after I, Queen Elizabeth II, ascended the throne in the year 1952.

Prince Charles was quoted saying “For me, she meant everything and I had dreaded, dreaded this moment. Somehow I never thought it would come. She seemed gloriously unstoppable”. [The Queen Mother] was more of a mother to him whilst his mother was certainly occupied with the duties of being the Queen,” explains Juliet Rieden, writer of The Royals in Australia. Juliet also said, “Personally, I think she was a touchstone to him.”

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Over the years, the Queen mother became a source of support and motivation to her grandson, helping prepare him for the momentous role he will one day assume.

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The Queen mother was often seen giving words of encouragement to Prince Charles. She said My darling Charles … Everyone admires you and is proud of you and I absolutely know you will be able to do incredible things for this country,” she wrote to the heir apparent, then 20, ahead of his investiture in 1969.

“Not only in leadership but by being your own kind-hearted, loving and intelligent and funny self.”

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The Queen Mother’s role as a confidante to Charles was especially evident during the two terms he attended high school in Australia, frequently writing him letters and even visiting. 

Prince Charles was the Queen Mother‘s most cherished grandchild. When Prince Charles’ marriage ended, the Queen mother never allowed Diana’s name to be uttered in her presence again…

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