Prince William

Prince William was asked what makes him different, his honest answer will surprise you

Prince William

When Prince William was asked to define what makes him different during an anti-bullying workshop, his very direct and honest answer surprised everyone.

The second in line to the throne wrote: “I Am A Prince”. Prince William was involved in a special project which highlighted diversity at Bournville College, where school kids were explaining why they were different.

British TV singing coach Carrie Grant, who hosted the exercise asked William and the kids to write out something that “defines you.” She explained: “I was fascinated by what he might write and how daring he would be. I thought he might write “my mother died” because that’s in the public arena and does make him different amongst his peers perhaps. And Harry’s been talking a little bit about that in the press.

“But I love the fact that in a way he did challenge us because no one else in the room could say that. We all think “aren’t you lucky?” but that comes with responsibility and a load of other things he’s had to process and journey through. There are challenges to that.”

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Prince William impressed all those involved, with the charity’s anti-bullying campaign head Alex Holmes noting: “He’s listening and contributing his own thoughts as a parent. But also he’s interested in the role young people can play and social media. That’s really impressive in terms of his understanding of the issues facing young people and all of us growing up in the digital age.”

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Carrie Grant, one of the parent representatives said: “We know he’s a Prince but he’s also a parent and has concerns about his own children growing up in society and what society he’s bringing his children up into like we all have as parents. That was underpinning everything we discussed.”

Chief executive of the charity Tessy Ojo added to the praise, saying, “He understands that he’s different, in the same way, that my difference is I’m 6ft 1in and I’m a woman and you don’t get that all the time. He’s a prince. We all have something unique about us.

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“But what we need to do is normalise what looks like a difference. We are all part of one jigsaw. He couldn’t possibly walk in everybody’s shoes but that’s okay as long as you understand that I have different shoes and I appreciate my shoes. He understands bullying and the pain associated with bullying.”

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