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What could happen if Harry and Meghan decide to return to the royal family?


Harry and Meghan’s decision to quit as working royals and become financially independent provided endless fodder to all media outlets.

Although Buckingham Palace has not commented on what might happen in the future if Meghan and Harry decide to come back, let’s assume?

One instance is that the couple could opt to return to royal life after the transitional period. “Harry and Meghan’s decision to become independent seems very clear at the moment,” Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal commentator, told The Royal UK.

“Furthermore, no one can think of what might happen in the future with any certainty. The Queen released a statement affirming that they will not use their royal titles. They will also step down from royal duties but will remain members of the royal family. Note: Staff at their Frogmore Cottage base in the UK has been relocated.

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The Royal UK spoke to royal experts if there’s any possibility that Harry and Markle could one day step back into their roles.

Harry and Markle aren’t the first couples to try and step back from the royal family: Many years ago, another royal couple tried to make their own living while simultaneously serving the Queen. But unlike Markle and Harry — Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, gave up their projects for royal life in 2002.

According to Mail Online from 2002, the Queen paid Edward and Sophie $324,888 (£250,000) as compensation for the loss of earnings. It was after they announced to step down from their companies and spend more time on royal duties. 

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While it’s highly unlikely, but, the royal family could leave the door open for Harry and Meghan to return

When Prince Harry gave up his royal responsibilities, he also gave up his military titles. Fitzwilliams explains “I don’t believe it will happen. However, I do expect them to attend some of the big events like the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee etc. We may occasionally see him on thanksgiving service, perhaps even the Trooping the Colour, appearing on the balcony in the future.”

However, the British press/Media wouldn’t be as forgiving: If the couple will change their minds, the family would undoubtedly welcome them back. But the media would show no mercy at all. The media would comment about tails between their legs. The royal family’s relationship with the press may have been a major deciding factor leading them to resign.

Not to forget, Markle launched a lawsuit against the Mail. The Mail published a letter she sent to her estranged father. However, no one can predict the future and Harry and Markle may one day decide to step back into their former roles. 

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Perhaps this would seem more probable if the Queen were to change the royal family’s media guidelines. Although this may seem unlikely (after all, the royal rota has been running successfully for more than 40 years) it’s not impossible. 

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