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Reason why Harry and Meghan were laughing in their black and white wedding picture?


The royal wedding photographer, Alexi Lubomirski only had three minutes as the Groom and the Bride left their afternoon reception to capture one perfect moment.

And, they got one of their most memorable photos: the black and white still of the newlyweds sitting on the stairs. 

After asking about the picture time, Lubomirski said:-

“So after we were over with the family shots, we all went to the reception. And, if the couple were going to have any energy after that, we were going to go into the rose garden and just take some intimate quick pictures”.

“And so, eventually we went out there. We had about three or three and a half minutes to take some pictures. And, that’s because everything was like clockwork, and it was just one of the those magical moments, when you are a photographer and everything falls into its right place”.

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The ambience helped create all the magic.

“When you have Windsor Castle in the background, the sun just setting over the top of the Castle behind them, it is just the most serene beautiful light. They are in love. Walking around that beautiful garden, it was just  amazing. Also, they were in this elated state of mind”

But, it was actually after Lubomirski decided to wrap up the shoot, that he had that perfect black and white shot. 

“I said finally, Okay, let’s go back. You guys can go back to your thing now. But, listen, just before you go in, let’s sit down on these stairs. And Meghan just slumped between his legs”.

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He added: “And suddenly, there was this moment where they were just laughing because they were joking about how they were exhausted and finally it’s all over. Then, they just looked at each other and they were simply laughing, and it was this just beautiful moment”.

“When you are taking the pictures, you know you have something. But, then obviously you haven’t got time to look at it. So, it wasn’t actually until I got back to the hotel and looked at it. It just was just perfect”.