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How Prince Harry reacted when Margot Robbie confused him for Ed Sheeran?

Margot Robbie

Like many people out there, actress Margot Robbie also got confused between Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran.

A classic case of mistaken identity by Margot Robbie! Well, except there was a royal involved.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot actress Margot Robbie’s dropped by The Tonight Show, a few years ago, where she revealed to host Jimmy Fallon that she confused an eyeglass-wearing Prince Harry for Ed Sheeran at a party.

“When I saw him in those glasses, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t know Ed Sheeran was at the party!'” she told the host of her encounter. Margot continued, “He got really offended. He probably didn’t like it'”

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The golden-haired royal and blonde beauty crossed paths nearly half a decade ago while attending a housewarming party thrown by friend Suki Waterhouse.

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The two snapped a silly picture in a photo booth along with Harry’s cousin Princess Eugenie, actress Sienna Miller and model Cara Delevingne. The group’s fun Instagram photo was posted online but has since been deleted.

“You didn’t know who Prince Harry was? He’s the coolest!” Jimmy told Robbie. The actress explained, “He wasn’t wearing a crown, though, like I didn’t know it was a Prince.”

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The actress discussed her royal meeting with Entertainment Tonight. She admitted, “I didn’t know it was [Prince Harry] for about half an hour talking to him.” After reviewing the party photos, Margot’s co-star Tina Fey jokingly chimed in, “Looking at this picture, I can’t imagine why you weren’t aware of who was with you or your surroundings.”

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