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Why Prince Harry inherited more of the Queen Mother’s fortune than Prince William?

Queen Mother

The Queen mother was very fond of her two great-grandchildren, William and Harry. Both of them enjoyed their great-grandmother’s company.

When Diana passed away, she spilt her fortune equally between both her sons Prince Harry and Prince William.

However, when the Queen Mother passed away in 2002, the Duke of Sussex, Harry inherited a substantially larger amount than his brother from her £24 million fortune.

Given the Duke of Cambridge is second in line to the throne, Queen Elizabeth’s late mother wanted to effectively protect the Duke of Sussex’s financial future in her will.

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When Prince Charles becomes King, Prince William will inherit his role as the Prince of Wales. In other words, he will take over the Duchy of Cornwall and all the private estate that entails.

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Meanwhile, Prince Harry as the second son of Prince Charles will hardly get anything: While the exact amount Prince Harry inherited remains unknown, a 2002 BBC report says: “The bulk of Queen Mother’s $24 million estates will go to Prince Harry since William will benefit financially by becoming king”. 

So, the Queen Mother effectively gave Harry financial compensation to make up for the line of succession. Following her death in 2002, she left all her estate to her daughter, Queen Elizabeth.

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Don’t you all think that it was a great decision by Queen Elizabeth’s late mother? As a great-grandmother, she wanted to secure Prince Harry’s financial future as she knew that he is the younger brother and won’t always remain in limelight.

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