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Prince Harry’s unbreakable bond with royal cousin Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie

The royal cousins, Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie have an extraordinary bond reveals royal expert Katie Nicholl.

The royal cousins, Princess Eugenie and Harry, even got married in the same venue.

Princess Eugenie introduced him to his last girlfriend, Cressida Bonas,” Nicholl notes of Harry’s girlfriend before he married Meghan Markle in 2018. When things didn’t work out with Cressida, Nicholl shares that Eugenie “was one of the first people to meet” Meghan when the two first started dating

When Harry and Meghan left the United Kingdom for California, they passed the keys to their house, Frogmore Cottage, over to Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, “so they can just have a bit more space,” Nicholl says. 

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“Harry had always confided in his cousin when it came to the women in his life. Not only did he trust her implicitly, but friends say that she gives great advice and has always been “beyond wise” for her years. It’s not surprising, then, that Eugenie was one of the first in the family to know about his relationship with Meghan.”

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Harry and Meghan married at St George’s Chapel in Windsor in May 2018 – just five months before Eugenie and her long-term boyfriend Jack Brooksbank tied the knot at the same venue. Spending time with his cousin, with whom he’s “always been really very, very close” is important to the Duke of Sussex amid his estrangement from his other family members, Nicholl says.

“There’s a lovely relationship there and I would imagine that it’s an important relationship for Harry,” Nicholl explains. “In particular, at a time where some of his other familiar relations are quite complicated.” Per Nicholl, the relationship is also “very important” to Harry, because Eugenie keeps him apprised of the goings-on in the royal family.

“Eugenie is very, very close to the queen,” Nicholl says. “He’ll be able to get messages back to his family through Eugenie and hear everything that’s been going on… through his cousin.”

Eugenie has always publicly supported her cousin, particularly on her Instagram account. When Harry and Meghan’s son Archie arrived in May 2019, Eugenie posted a photo of the couple in St George’s Hall in Windsor on the day they introduced the royal tot to the world, writing: “I’m just so happy for you!! @sussexroyal.” 

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When the Sussexes also set up their own Instagram account earlier that year, the Princess shared a snap from Harry and Meghan’s engagement photocall, saying: “Welcome cousins. @sussexroyal.”

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