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Fashion expert explains why Meghan doesn’t wear this major fashion accessory


Meghan has a wardrobe packed with swanky high heels – from Jimmy Choo to Aquazzura and her handbag collection ranges from clutch bags to crossbody.

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, loves an accessory or two. But what about gloves?

When she was an active working royal, on her last three engagements with Prince Harry, she was been spotted holding her gloves, but not actually wearing them. Another major occasion was during a trip to Bristol’s Old Vic, Meghan was spotted holding her khaki green clutch bag and matching gloves, despite the freezing, snowy conditions.

Even on Christmas Day celebrations with the rest of the royal family, the Duchess of Sussex was spotted not wearing her leather gloves in Sandringham at Church, holding them in the same hand as her Victoria Beckham handbag.

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It could be that Meghan was simply taking style tips from the Queen who always has her gloves to hand.  The Royal UK spoke to Cornelia James, glove maker to the royal family, who said: “You never see her without her hat, her handbag or her gloves. Nobody apart from the queen wears gloves all the time. They are part of her integral style and she’s iconic.”

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Also, she wears gloves because she’s shaking a lot of hands. I think they protect her hands.

Primarily, she wears gloves because it’s her style. I can guarantee whenever she’s out and about, she’s always got one pair in her handbag as well in case she loses them.”

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Of course, another heartfelt reason that Meghan may have chosen to hold her gloves instead of wearing them is that she often takes part in ‘walkabouts’ and likes to interact with the crowd, especially children. And by taking her gloves off, she can offer a steady handshake with a personal touch.

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